Systemic constellations

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This work is a wonderful tool that enables us to tap into the connecting field of the invisible world to bring to light what is not seen yet.

The bases of this work come from Bert Hellingers Family constellations and it was Olaf Jacobsen who has developed the systemic constellation work, which is based on similar principals but with even more self responsibility.

My preferred way to work with systemic constellations is with a group of people, but it is also possible to work with just one person or I can even work by myself.

What is needed

As always, we need an issue, a question, something that has a “need” and there must be a question wanting to be answered.

As stronger the desire to solve a “problem” as more potential for the answer to appear ;-), but there is no harm in looking at “small” Questions.

And the question can be anything such as:

  • I feel my trouble in my relationship with…..
  • I experience conflict with my children and can’t find solutions
  • I suffer from ……illness/disease, (a way to look at hidden dynamics behind)
  • I want to change direction in live (job/place of living….) but am unsure…

How does it work

If you have an issue you can choose to do a constellation asking the other present people at the workshop to be representatives for you. If you have no idea whom to place in a constellation you have always the option to ask for help.

For example: You want to know where the origin of your physical ailment is coming from. You could choose someone representing you and someone representing the ailment. Other representatives can be added at any time and we will follow what shows and what comes up at the given moment to explore and work on the solution.

Or you have a conflict with someone, you could chose representatives for the conflict, yourself, the other and the solution.

The representatives are asked to feel into there position and from there we start receiving information about the issue and in general from a new so far unseen perspective.

During a constellation representatives may want to change position or express things in different ways (sound, colour, gesture…) and a helper or the constelator can ask questions to the representatives to find out more.

A constellation can also be done “blind”, meaning you do not need to know what you represent as long as the person asking you to represent for him/her, you will be entering the “field” and whatever you sense is valid information.

It’s a principal to not have a therapist but simply an organizer for this workshops. The organizer takes care of the place and time and the surrounding frame.

Every participant is asked to be self responsible and every participant has the option (and the responsibility ๐Ÿ˜‰ )to ask for help and support at any moment needed.

The principal is that no one knows what best, but that the person who is doing a constellation has all the freedom to take it as far as he/she wants to.

My workshops

In the workshops I organize I have up to 12 spaces for participants and it’s meant to be a common learning space where we can help each other and learn together. The minimum of participants is 3.

For me the constellation work is a great tool and I feel very blessed by using it with a group of people.

The time frame varies from event to event. I do 3 hour sessions for small groups and sometimes we do full days with 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.

The work itself is a free exchange. I accept donations for the organizational work and space provided.

Integration processes

If you need any help with what has been moved during a constellation workshop please do get in touched. I am happy to facilitate after care and guide & accompany integration work. This work is also on donation bases.

Get in touched

Let me know if you are interested in joining the mailing list for these events or if you wish to have a one-on-one session (also on donation bases).

Please e-mail me on or


I often get asked if the systemic constellations have anything to do with star constellations and I used to say no, but these days I say yes, cause we are all stars and we all relate to each other and form constellations. Sometimes we can rearrange to create a new even more beautiful constellation between us ๐Ÿ™‚

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