Heart Space

Image by Karl-Heinz Letz from Pixabay

The heart is where we know and where we connect to our higher Self. Connecting to our heart allows us to gain understanding and solutions will unfold by us simply opening and inviting them in.

And to our challenge, the world is telling us a lot that is not in accordance with our hearts true wishes and so the heart circle movement is to create place and to share knowledge about how to connect to your heart and how to connect with each other, as in truth, we are all one.

The base is very simple:

Listening, sharing and caring

No matter how spicky the outside may seam or how many cobwebs have been starting to form over the longings of our heart 😉

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay


Join a heart space circle or create a heart space cirlce.

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Image by GimpWorkshop from Pixabay


Learn about how to create a Heart Space setting for yourself or in a group.

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Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay


Listening, Sharing & Caring with a group of people in safe place retreat setting, supported by many other activities that nurture your heart.

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Let’s join our hearts as one.

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