Healing touch

To be touched and to get in touch with yourself and each other is always an opportunity for healing.

In a healing touch session I will take time to connect with you through intuitive massage with the intention to support what is needed. We can work on a specific issue or simply create a moment to relax and allow.

Everyone is different and whilst I personally like the deep triggering massages I go with what you prefer and what works in the given moment.

I have no formal massage education, I know some basics and I always enjoyed the touching experience and how may hands seam to find their ways even without my mind knowing what to do, so hence I work mainly in guided ways. Guided by my feeling and of course your feedback πŸ˜‰

You are welcome to share if anything is coming up during the massage session. We can specifically use this work to stimulate the hidden pains that often are a gate way to getting in touch with our inner wounds. Or we can simply allow the energetic processes to take place.

Get in touch if you d like to receive a healing touch massage.

PS: we can work with oils or without oils and on skin or through clothes. Your choice πŸ˜‰

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