Exploring believes

Reality is greatly shaped by our believes. And of course it is the subconscious that is running the show 😉

There are plenty of ways and ideas to address the subconscious and bring it into conscious and make a conscious new choice after assessing the old choice and validating what you had chosen in the past. It once served you. It had a purpose and it needs to be validated!

I often use Byron Katies method “the work” to tap into the unconscious believes. You may already know what you want to work with or you may just have an idea of what is bothering you and what you’d like to crack.

It is my pleasure to share my toolkit and experience with you and help you get clarity for the believes that are possibly outdated. We will use the power of your unique spirituality to transform and welcome the new believe.

We can do this work through online sessions or in person. Get in touched to book an session with me.

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