Community Healing

Understanding conscious interdependence

Using connective communication tools

Healing broken boundaries

Imagem de Pezibear por Pixabay

As we transform into the new model of community and unity we have a lot to learn and to change.

It’s a deep journey of discovering the old patterns of separation. The believes and programs we have about the “me” and the “you”. But also an honest and healthy approach to define borders and to organize without unconscious control programs intervening.

Having experienced community and the beauty that can be born out of our union with each other, but also the challenges that come with it, it is a heart desire of mine to offer my service to guide and facilitate conversations and energy work within groups to support the healing process and share tools to work for the well being of the community.

Whilst this is ideally done with all members of a community it can also be done with some. We will be using tools from the constellation work and other energy moving tools. I like to find the way together with the group rather than stepping in with a fixed idea. So every process is honoured in it’s uniqueness.

I am available to travel to different locations and the work is done on conscious donation bases plus covering my travel costs from Serpins/Central Portugal.

Please contact me by e-mail: or telephone 00351 918 270 302 to arrange.

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