Emotional outbreaks and what to do

Times of fundamental changes often bring emotional outbreaks. For example when there is a relationship break up, the end of a job/career, the end of a stage in live that we got used to. These emotional outbreaks (anger/fear/insecurity) often seam totally unreasonable from the outside, but the person within the story is not able toContinue reading “Emotional outbreaks and what to do”

The angry and the peace keeper

Wether you react as a peace keeper in conflict situation; just dont get angry and make sure there is no discussion, just saying yes to keep the peace and not expressing your true opinion; or you are stating your point with verbal (or physical) agression, feeling, angry and disrespected. It’s the same root problem. It’sContinue reading “The angry and the peace keeper”

Detaching yourself from the believes of your ancestors

Believes are something that gets passed on for several reasons and as we come to understand more about this we have more options to take choices. Believing in the same values than our ancestors did (starting with parents!) means -BELONGING! to some parts of our brain. It means SECURITY! This is the first important thingContinue reading “Detaching yourself from the believes of your ancestors”

Anxiety – the root believes behind it

Anxiety is widely spread and many people feel it even if it’s just the slight feeling when waking up with a strange heaviness, instead of feeling joyful for the new day. Well, there are reasons and thought patterns that have created this reality. If we check them out we find the doorways to relief andContinue reading “Anxiety – the root believes behind it”

Reue – ein Treibstoff für Veränderung

Der Schmerz der Reue kann dich tief mit deinem Schmerkörper in Berührung bringen. Wenn das passiert kommt schnell der Impuls des Verdrängens auf, den was haben wir nicht alles gehört darüber das wir doch nicht an der Vergangenheit hängen sollen und im hier und Jetzt Dankbar sein sollen. Die Aufmerksamkeit liegt auf dem Wort “Sollen”,Continue reading “Reue – ein Treibstoff für Veränderung”

What if feeling …. is ok?

I come across so many stories of people about their “illnesses”, such as depressions, fears, anxieties, panic states, mode swings….(illnesses????) I sometimes feel totally puzzled. What if we would live in a world, knowing that being down is just as important as being up. What if we wouldn’t straight away try and fix it asContinue reading “What if feeling …. is ok?”

Letting go of what no longer serves you?

​I used to have my troubles with this phrase and especially because what I observed is that people just mantrad for letting go, because of unpleasant stuff they wanted to get rid of and haven’t dealt with at all. Letting go is often used as the great “spiritually justified” escapism. To my observation came alsoContinue reading “Letting go of what no longer serves you?”

Feeling odd ? My story today. Environmental anxiety?

Sometimes I wake up and it’s hard to understand what I am feeling. I could cry or just sense a  depression or maybe it’s an anxiety. I get the thought I need to get on with live, follow my goals, improve and “work”. And than a little voice tells me this is the fear for myContinue reading “Feeling odd ? My story today. Environmental anxiety?”