Emotional Support for the current crises

This is a tough time for all of us and there are many ways to support each other and to learn from this. Just a few things to bring awarness too: These are times in which self love and compassion (bases for love and compassion for the next) are crucial The circumstances of staying homeContinue reading “Emotional Support for the current crises”

The drama of being “good”

Good people don’t _____________- fill in whatever comes to mind. Good people aren’t angry, aren’t judgmental, forgive instead of hate, don’t eat junk food, do their homework….. And what if it turns out that you aren’t “good”? Because you actually hate him/her are so anoid about them, because you are totally unwilling to forgive, toContinue reading “The drama of being “good””

Self Check your judgments

Slide number 9 in my workshop “Understanding emotions” is about looking at our own judgements. It’s easier said then done that we have no judgements, of course we do and we need them too, but becoming aware of them means we can start playing with them and than life gets more manageable. Awareness of whatContinue reading “Self Check your judgments”

Don’t judge your needs – Understand them

We have learnt very well how to misunderstand our needs and how to judge them. Look at the baby birds, would you call them greedy or selfish or judging them for needing so much attention 🙂 Honestly how often do we do this to our own needs, instead of understanding that there was a lackContinue reading “Don’t judge your needs – Understand them”