Self-judgements, turn arounds & free will

An exercise to get to know yourself better. Simply complete your personal list and if you chose to celebrate with anything you love (going for a walk, having a cup of cacao, having a hot shower….) for doing the work. Let me know your feed back or contact me if you need help to doContinue reading “Self-judgements, turn arounds & free will”

Environmental toxins and detox solutions

I know it’s not the happy part of things, but….to create change we need to know where we stand now. We eat food that has grown on land that has been treated with glyphosate ( insecticide and herbicided), or that had aluminium loaded rain falling onto it (chemtrails). We had mercury implanted into our teethContinue reading “Environmental toxins and detox solutions”

The organic process of healing

When we go to anyone asking for help to heal, we already have entered the healing phase. Ask and you shall receive! And truly this is the most important step and a common reason why Free-bees don’t work. Because people tent to think they can try out something without commitment. But commmitment is what isContinue reading “The organic process of healing”

Oficina de Cura Emocional em 5 Partes

englisch below Junte-se ao círculo de descoberta e transformação. Vamos abordar a bagagem emocional de nossos tempos, que está pronta para ser libertada.Está na hora de fazer algum trabalho de limpeza 😉Neste workshop de 5 partes, (não é obrigatorio fazer todas as partes, escolha o que te interessa mais!) examinaremos alguns princípios básicos para entenderContinue reading “Oficina de Cura Emocional em 5 Partes”