I unconditionally love, that I don’t love unconditional :-)

What is unconditional love? It sounds so big. In a therapy last week the facilitator said to me: “Do you allow me to send you unconditional love? “ Yes sure, why not….but what is it and what does it all mean 🙂 My pondering this morning has connected some loops. Whilst I am quite puzzledContinue reading “I unconditionally love, that I don’t love unconditional :-)”

Heart Space Retreat – July 2021- new dates

We will be holding another Heart Space retreat in Landeira, on the weekend 30th & 31st of July & 1st of August. The theme: Nature is supporting our healing. We have up to 6 spaces for who wants to come and join us. The Intention It is our intention to create wholesome retreats that areContinue reading “Heart Space Retreat – July 2021- new dates”

Questioning your thoughts – a workshop

I invite you to join me for a workshop of questioning your thoughts. A method designed to help us to understand what we really think and hold as an energetic field within us and an opportunity to create openings for new thoughts and mindful creations. When we look for solutions we need to ask questions.Continue reading “Questioning your thoughts – a workshop”