Stress management – why we need it

What is stress? Stress is when we are in a tight situation and need to find our way through, such as being born. You are being in a tight situation and there needs to be something different happening now. The stress gets so big that the waters break and you get driven out of theContinue reading “Stress management – why we need it”

And I promise to treat myself badly…..too….

It’s long known, what we learn as little children, we repeat in our lives as adults, we program it as “right” unconsciously. If we do not do the work of identifying where we have been treated “wrongly” and that it was NOT our fault, than we stay stuck in repeating the same treatment to ourselves.Continue reading “And I promise to treat myself badly…..too….”

Once you know how to say NO, you can truly say YES!

The issue is not just that today society members have trouble saying no, the problem is that this means there are no real Yes’s either. And that is a drama. We are somewhere in limbo, between wanting to connect and not knowing how to connect really. The theme: of course “Boundaries” Where were my boundariesContinue reading “Once you know how to say NO, you can truly say YES!”

When you loose your friends and family

I remember in the years where I was a Jesus follower I was very impressed about the bible passage where Jesus asks, who is my mother, who is my brother. And all the passage that point attention to the relations we have. We have the biologic relations and we have the soul connections. At theContinue reading “When you loose your friends and family”