The place where miracles happen

Totally inspired by This was my morning audio treat and I felt so encouraged that I wanted to do a summary of what has touched me. The place where miracles happen is the place of integrated shadows. The place that is not fighting the “dark” side, but that is and has been transforming andContinue reading “The place where miracles happen”

Emotions and feelings – What’s the difference?

I feel like I should have been giving this some thought a long time ago – LOL or is that an emotion? Should I say “I emotion that I should have…..” Well, maybe it’s simply a judgment born of my unconscious (or now partly becoming conscious…) conditioning value system. But lets dive into this together,Continue reading “Emotions and feelings – What’s the difference?”

The Transforming Power of Love

From a newsletter I’ve been forwarded from Center for Action and Contemplation <> So powerful and totally in agreement with what I feel too Revolutionary LoveThursday,  November 12, 2020 Is this the darkness of the tomb, or of the womb? I don’t know. All I know is that the only way we will endure isContinue reading “The Transforming Power of Love”

Emotional Healing – Weekend experience

Would you like to tap into your emotional guiding system and learn to create more inner freedom for your self? I invite you to stay with us for 2 days here at our family home in Central Portugal. Here is an outlining structure of what this will look like: DAY 1 arrival at Serpins duringContinue reading “Emotional Healing – Weekend experience”

Self-judgements, turn arounds & free will

An exercise to get to know yourself better. Simply complete your personal list and if you chose to celebrate with anything you love (going for a walk, having a cup of cacao, having a hot shower….) for doing the work. Let me know your feed back or contact me if you need help to doContinue reading “Self-judgements, turn arounds & free will”