Emotions on lock down

I feel very “emotionally” again today. And I met and hear from others that tell me about their feelings of confusion, anger, being really pissed of, fears and and and….. In a way it sounds great that there is so much emotions being felt. It’s like a big awakening and that the emotions that were on lock down are being setContinue reading “Emotions on lock down”

When your whole inner world is against you

Yesterday I tried recording a video for my instagram and for facebook. But I just could not manage. I didn-t get the content straight and I was so unhappy about the way how I talk, how I looked and it was soooooo frustrating. I dived into my inner world, questioning myself and checking my feelings….andContinue reading “When your whole inner world is against you”

Emotional Support for the current crises

This is a tough time for all of us and there are many ways to support each other and to learn from this. Just a few things to bring awarness too: These are times in which self love and compassion (bases for love and compassion for the next) are crucial The circumstances of staying homeContinue reading “Emotional Support for the current crises”