Feeling odd ? My story today. Environmental anxiety?

Sometimes I wake up and it’s hard to understand what I am feeling. I could cry or just sense a  depression or maybe it’s an anxiety. I get the thought I need to get on with live, follow my goals, improve and “work”. And than a little voice tells me this is the fear for myContinue reading “Feeling odd ? My story today. Environmental anxiety?”

Rolfing – releasing age-old fascial restrictions- an experience

Last week I had the opportunity to be “rolfed” by a guest that stayed with us at Casa Bela Vista and because the experience was so beneficial I wanted to share about it so more people may find this very helpful method. We started with looking at my body the way how I stand and how thisContinue reading “Rolfing – releasing age-old fascial restrictions- an experience”

Reprograming the Blueprint

The Blueprint is what is programed in your subconscious mind. Stuff we learned as children, the values that have been transmitted to us by society, parents and other close by people. It’s our unconscious beliefsystem that is based on messages and conclusions of what has happened. It’s also inherited messages from your ancestral lineage. ToContinue reading “Reprograming the Blueprint”

Sexual healing ;-) – Part 1

The delicate subject of sexuality, yes I shall write about it. In fact I feel like we all should be talking much more about it. Lifting the veil of secrecy in a slow and appropriate way. Today’s topic in specific Why are female sexual energies often not so “spontaneous” than those of men. I thoughtContinue reading “Sexual healing 😉 – Part 1”

Authenticity workshop – Discover Yourself Part 3

Lets start discovering ourselves 🙂 Hurrah, an adventure trip! We bring our safety haven and our self love as companions on the journey! Where to start, which direction to go? Lets follow our emotions. In a way it can be the unpleasant and the overly pleasant ones. The Buddhist will speak of aversions and attachments.Continue reading “Authenticity workshop – Discover Yourself Part 3”