I unconditionally love, that I don’t love unconditional :-)

What is unconditional love? It sounds so big. In a therapy last week the facilitator said to me: “Do you allow me to send you unconditional love? “ Yes sure, why not….but what is it and what does it all mean đŸ™‚ My pondering this morning has connected some loops. Whilst I am quite puzzledContinue reading “I unconditionally love, that I don’t love unconditional :-)”

Heart Space Retreat – July 2021- new dates

We will be holding another Heart Space retreat in Landeira, on the weekend 30th & 31st of July & 1st of August. The theme: Nature is supporting our healing. We have up to 6 spaces for who wants to come and join us. The Intention It is our intention to create wholesome retreats that areContinue reading “Heart Space Retreat – July 2021- new dates”