All that is based on wrong conclusions is also wrong…..

When I started working with emotional healing I saw there was a huge need to look at emotions in a different way. I saw a society that strived for ONLY happiness and success, without giving importance and allowance to feelings like anger and lonelyness, grieve and sadness. Whenever these emotions appeared the responds was :Continue reading “All that is based on wrong conclusions is also wrong…..”

Never consider yourself as worthless!

It is a bio-logic law that everything considered worthless will be dismanteld….So do never consider yourself as worthless or not worthy enough! It’s dangerous. Yes, that is not kidding, it’s a biologic law and it makes sense and it makes also sense to look at your feelings of being worthless and not good enough, becauseContinue reading “Never consider yourself as worthless!”

Divide and conquer ….resolution tools

It’s been twice mentioned in FB posts this morning so I take the inspiration to share some thoughts and “a tool” to release some of the >divide and conquer mentality. We divide and conquer to rule we want to rule cause we need control (based on many painful experiences in the past ours, ancestral lineageContinue reading “Divide and conquer ….resolution tools”

Emotions on lock down

I feel very “emotionally” again today. And I met and hear from others that tell me about their feelings of confusion, anger, being really pissed of, fears and and and….. In a way it sounds great that there is so much emotions being felt. It’s like a big awakening and that the emotions that were on lock down are being setContinue reading “Emotions on lock down”