Is your life shaped by fear or love

Caution: this article contains challenging believe systems 😉 I appreciate and embrace everyone world view.

When I see the people wearing masks I need to remind myself that they think that they do this out of love. As this is what has been propagandized through the majority channels and one needs to have learned to look over the edge to see deeper into the truth.

But let me just get this starting the issues and challenges of our current live situation.

What did make people believe about what they been told? The information that you are a danger to others and the only way to save yourself and other is to isolate, keep distance, wear masks and get a vaccine. In the perception of a well informed person and following natural instincts all things that we recognize as unhealthy straight away.

Why did people belief it?

Because of the underlying unconscious fears. And I m not saying that those who are not in that boat don’t have fear issues. In fact I m just using this example to showcase human behaviour. If we understand what we do, we can be our own directors again. If we don’t understand what and why we do things, others will direct us according to their fears.

Now back to the underlying fear issues.

How do we recognize the unconscious fear issues? And how can we tell there is an underlying director. Well as to my observation there always is a director, so the question is do you know your director? Can you observe your emotional reaction to the “food” you receive. And with “food” I mean everything that we take “in”, such as “IN”-formation.

What is it forming inside you? Resistance? Fear? Love?

The propaganda around the so called recent pandemic (and I know there will be more to follow if we don’t manage to wake up, or shall we say till we manage to wake up and regain our power) has been fear based. People were told it is very dangerous and we need to be afraid. The ways to control how afraid you are, are staying at home, distancing, wearing a mask and getting a vaccine.

Now does that really calm the fear?

What do you tell a person who is afraid of spiders? Stay at home, don’t go into nature and get a vaccine that makes you immune to encountering spiders?

NO, you look together at the reasons Why you are afraid and something like fear of spiders is quite a deep subconscious issue.

In the case of the pandemic we can recognize straight away this is about fear of death, fear of losing people we love, fear of being “guilty”/responsible for someones death/illness, and for many of the more neutral people it will be fear of not being accepted by the majority anymore.

These are all very normal and reasonable fears. Do they ever help us to stop dying? Stop losing people we love? Stop us from feeling guilty/responsible for the pain of others? Stop us from feeling excluded?

Yes they do, my fear of crossing a busy road makes me aware that I need to be cautious to not get run over when I am crossing. My fear of losing loved ones makes me care for them to the best I can and appreciate that those loved ones are in my life. My fear of feeling guilty lets me observe my behaviour and work on my personality. My fear of being excluded makes me observe and be the best I can without denying myself.

But at the same time I aim to recognize the “shadow side” of fear, when it is not usefull but out of balance.

Really fear leads to two things: Control and suppression

On one hand the people who need control to master their fear gets bigger and on the other side the people who accept suppression in an attempt to feel save, gets bigger.

Both elements out of balance will follow a natural desire to re balance and we are taking part of this process right now!

What could the Shadow side fear effects believes look like? It is a big subject and I only want to give a few ideas to stimulate the thinking process.

Fear of dying – seeing death as something bad that needs to be avoided.

Fear of illness – seeing the body as something that just without reason goes “bad” and not understanding that all illness and all that is has a cause. This universe is based on cause and reaction. Illness is a physical sign so we aim to find the cause and learn from it. And so are of cause pandemics (some symptom/phenomena that hits a wide group of people – such as cancer, depression, heart attacks, mobile phone addictions…. – they are all of pandemic nature – they point towards issues in our society that needs addressing and no one ever said to you that their is a virus that causes it.)

A virus is not a cause- it’s simply a tool to fulfill

Fear of someone else dying – seeing yourself as overly responsible for the well being of others, based on a non-trusting the universe concept. If for example a parent losses a child, they will have to work with the feeling of guilt, even if there is absolutely nothing that they have done wrong. But there is so much un-felt and unrecognized guilt in our consciousness field that it’s a very “viral;-)” emotion.

I shall leave it for here for today. I hope it has been an inspiration in some way.



Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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