When you loose your friends and family

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I remember in the years where I was a Jesus follower I was very impressed about the bible passage where Jesus asks, who is my mother, who is my brother. And all the passage that point attention to the relations we have.

We have the biologic relations and we have the soul connections.

At the moment it feels like soul tribes are led together and people who haven’t met before soon feel like family, because they share the story of understanding the crime against humanity that is happening right now. And they are led to support each other.

Suddenly I get shown who is my friend and who is not. Suddenly it is shown who is looking for mutual respect of opinions and who is not able to tolerate other opinions anymore.

We can observe how the sleepy sheep slowly get led into the trap and they don’t even notice. And there is not a lot we can do anymore…..

And it answers all my questions of how could it happen in the Nazi times? How could people be dulled into such nonsense? And such cruelty?

It happens when we refuse to stand up for ourselves, refuse to think and refuse to let go of everything to stay loyal to the truth.

This time the deception is very smart. It’s made for our times. It was easier in the 30th to deceive and manipulate. Today we have the internet, but hey, it’s all possible.

The best weapon: confusion. Mixing the truth with lies and than pointing fingers at those who obviously lied. The result you will lose your trust.

But I m sliding of my today’s subject. Probably because there is not much to say, besides, it’s a spiritual growth challenge. We will be asked :

What is more important to you? That you family still thinks good of you or the truth and the love to all of creation.

What is more important to you? Your friends and what others think of you. Are you afraid of differing in opinion? Can you be true to yourself without fearing of losing friends, without hurting them and doing as much or little as they are willing to allow you to help them to wake up.

And can you be with the pain that of letting go of the ones that are so dear to you? A huge pain…..Jesus walking through the dessert…..none there…..the deepest challenges are just for us personally…..no one to cling to besides GOD (whoever or whatever that is to you)

It’s the ultimate question of are we willing to let go and let GOD?

Birth happens when we give up after we done everything we could.

Because the rest is what is done on a different level.

So let’s just stay focused. Have I done everything I could.

There are many ways to look into this question. I love recommending the Hooponopono method, that is very simple and straight forward to taking responsibility for everything that is happening.

If I notice it, than because it has to do with me. Whether we are the victims or the perpetrators, we have created the games. We have learned through them and we are the ones who can finish them. By taking our power/responsibility back, understanding why we needed this experience, this tool to learn to see, finding gratitude for the valid lessons and stepping into the power if the love in our hearts.

If you have never tried Hooponopono and would like to see what it does and how you can work with it you can get in touch with me and I am happy to work with you.

Please e-mail on melanie77@tutamail.com or reach my through Telegram on 00351 918270302

Have a blessed day


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I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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