The place where miracles happen

Photo by Hernan Pauccara from Pexels

Totally inspired by

This was my morning audio treat and I felt so encouraged that I wanted to do a summary of what has touched me.

The place where miracles happen is the place of integrated shadows. The place that is not fighting the “dark” side, but that is and has been transforming and that is willing to use the light.

We are in a huge shift and as more as things go on, as more it becomes so clear.

It isn’t the question to either let God do it or to do it ourselves. It was always a Co-creation. But not a Co-creation of exclusion. Always just as integration. Embracing the dark side, the shadow, the “Hitler” in me, or the “deep state” in me.

It’s something we need to learn, but we have so much help now.

And we can be there for each other in this journey, showing our weaknesses, our wounds, our terrible nature that we struggle to embrace.

We can heal, we can create, and the awakening is just the beginning.

Wake up – grow up – show up and led the way. That is what we are asked to do and when I feel myself on the track, I feel so blessed. I observe the things that come up. What is it today that I am ready to transform and give into the transforming powers.

The cycles here on earth of nature show us all of how it works. It’s simple and complex at the same time.

And step 1. we need to learn to re-think, repair the brain. Understand that the way we see things is conditioned but not necessarily true or the only truth. It’s simply a model to see the world.

But the day dream of the ego has turned into the nightmare and the collectiv sould needs healing.

We need a new dream, a sacred dream from the place where miracles happen.

Lets envision the world we long for whilst embracing our personal and the collective “Corona Virus” and the “deep state” and all the dark sides we still unconsciously blame.

What can I do today to be a positive part of the change?

If you have little ideas, than there is always one thing we can do: reduce the speed and the stress. Take time and breath, embrace live and ask for guidance for all being be happy – all beings be well – all beings be at peace.

Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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