Divide and conquer – Part 2

Today again I stumbled upon the divide and conquer theme. This time in relation to Body, soul and spirit.

Yes, what does the medizine do? It divides body, soul and spirit. It does just look at the body and tells people whats wrong with them. It does not take the full picture in account. So hence we beliefe in the contagious illnesses, microbs and other stuff that is bringing us into huge troubles, but is a very good for the economy LOL

It created a huge industrie – the pharmaceutic industrie! Divide and conquer – split in the thinking patterns of the poeple the idea that we are a complex being with body, mnd and soul that belong together! And you will be able to rule over them…..

As more as I study as deeper I see that the reasons for problems are long rooted. Much of todays beliefs are based on wrong teachings. The foundations are faulty and so nothing that comes out of this thinking can be true.

Currently I am faszinated by the new germanic medizine, something hugely controverse and ripped appart by media and critics. Of course, it goes very deep and is truly dangerous if we would start adapting this understanding into the health managment today.

If you dare to look, check out this video

Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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