Accepting social distancing

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Now I appreciate every ones opinion and it’s not my intention to change any ones. On the contrary it feels like my opinion is currently socially unacceptable. I don’t trust or believe in the need of social distancing for several reasons, but the main thing is the way how those in “control” are using this.

Now I keep on reading about so many beautiful things we can learn from social distancing from various mindfulness sources. How we can practise mindfulness and break habits with this new rules. And it makes me sooo angry!

I decided to share and tap into this anger even more today. Knowing that behind our emotional responds is always an answer.

What I dislike most is that to me this seams like a “truth” based on concept of misunderstanding life. Or shall I call it a lie? When I say the word lie, it reminds me of all the weird behaviour people have towards each other when they fake into each others faces.

I remember so well when I started noticing the way how people talk behind each others backs and the difference of what they say in each others face. I found this shocking.

I guess I have been trying to understand life much out of the need to understand why the humans behave like this, so in a way it was y source of positive inspiration.

When we now talk about social distancing and I (in my believe) know that this is not helping anyone but creating a picture of a truth that is useful for those wanting to be in control, it’s like all my alarm clocks go on and I feel so threatened.

So what am I feeling threatened by? By the blinding of believes. What happens if we have a society that believes we are all possible dangers to each other? And this scenario can now be re activated any time if they spot anything under a microscope that they consider dangerous.

I mean I understand this might seam “arrogant” towards all those involved in “fighting” this pandemic, but I just share what I feel as an example of how to look at feelings.

It seams to be my issue that I am afraid of my fellow humans perceiving me as a tread. I am afraid of becoming someones enemy just by existing and for example not being vaccinated. It’s like the Jews, that were a treat to Hitler and he applied some extreme rules to them out of his way of seeing things.

Well I guess I can not change it, if that is where humanity wants to go, I m in for the experience and I shall try and love every part of it. It must have a reason, it must lead to something better. Just as the history of the concentration camps lead to a better future…(or did it not…?) Ok I’m still unsure, but I see that this is the direction I need to feel into.

What if the way how things are, is exactly how they are meant to be right now?

That does not mean I need to change my believe. But it means I can stop being angry (after finishing the processes from my past stored anger) about it as even this misconception will bring development and even if this development is first going downwards measured on my own human values. It is meant to bring the golden age after all….Unless this is all spiritual non sense…..lets hope its not 😀

But yes, I shall dedicate my day to accepting humanity going into new beliefs of possible in existing enemy’s based on unconscious fear and become conscious of my own fears in this scenario.

If you know anything that might be valuable to help me on this quest let me know.

God bless

Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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