Do you dare to have an opinion?

Having an opinion is risky. You may get criticised for it. It is best if you just take on the opinion of the majority, that will be safest.


What happens if everyone thinks like that ????

This current world situation makes me very much realise that we have huge troubles of having an opinion. Of course especially if you are bombarded with stuff they call “facts” and taken away all your rights.

What will happen to a society where no one dares to have an opinion? What happens if we stop having an opinion and just follow the main opinion?

The theme is not unknown, because having an opinion no matter what other think or do is critical to your personal development, just as it is critical to the development of a society.

Having an opinion is the first step to making a difference. Having an opinion doesn’t mean that you are sure about being right, in fact it always leaves room for being wrong. Being able to change your mind and adapt to new input is flexibility that is extremely necessary. Just as the ability to risk failure.

Observing what is happening on a big scale seams to mirror what happens on small scale so often and it is here to help us see. So we can use what we see, and here are some things to understand better the human condition in this matter. (at least in my opinion) 😉

So, being human isn’t really easy, the biggest need we have is the need to be loved and connected. We perceive it as extremely threatening if that is in danger. I guess spinning the thoughts on this will make clear why most people chose to adapt the major opinion on things, rather then allowing themselves to think different. It’s simply less threatening.

But lets me share some more observations to create some awareness. And whatever I say,I invite you to have a different opinion :-). As to my observation there are several arguments that are often showing up in situations where a free opinion isn’t wanted.facts and science: these terms have becone weapons in arguments and seam to be accepted unquestioned. Why? Why do we belief in science and facts? What are facts? What is science? Can science be the opposite of religion if you have to belief in it? 😉 And what happens if you dare to oppose? And what happens if no one dares to oppose? (can’t help but thinking One-world-government)…..What is Science? It is that what we can observe. So for example, I let go of an object in mid air, it will fall to the ground. There is some sort of rule happening here. Now what the rule behind the observation is isn’t science. It’s simply interpretations. Science is a very small field. And history has proffen that we restructure what we “beliefe” to be scientifically profen over and over again. So why are we so scared of science? Well it came like a winner over religion as this was being classified as stupid. As it seamed that God or any higher power is not proofable….not scientific – hence people who hang on to this were classified as stupid.
So the fear is really about being stupid, or being called stupid…..Does this remind you of something? Are we afraid of being stupid? This will actually increase the chances that we are ;-), even so if I like to say, you can not be stupid, it’s always something else, such as: scared to look, distracted, missing information to be able to understand ect. But stupid always stands for something missing.
Science and religion nowadays have been coming closer again and there could be a great merging if we open up to the idea…..just a suggestion 😉
And just a few more words about facts, as also this is so interesting. The way how the world looks at the facts. I assume most people interested in personal development have heard about focus and attraction laws. It says what we focus on will grow. So if the world focuses on the number of death by a virus, what will happen? I m not saying that it wouldn’t otherwise, but I m pointing out that there is a focus on the half empty glass. Besides I invite to look into every feeling and argument that may arise whilst reading, because it tells you how you think (subconsciously). Which again is what we need to become aware of in order to become self governed. So facts are the things we belief to be true and what we focus on.
And as to attraction, what do we attract? We attract what we vibrate on the subconscious level. The vibration I sense here is fear mainly unconscious suppressed fear.

As my morning writing time is running out I will bring this to a short end now. Maybe there will be a second part, we see.

But one of the main messages I wanted to point out is the fear of having an opinion is something we can overcome, by knowing who you are and by allowing to be flexible, and allowing to change your mind, allowing others to have their opinion, allowing to feel & heal yourself.

I hope you enjoyed so far and maybe some inspiration has been passed on. That is what I hope of doing.

Lots of love to the world and myself.

Have a great day.

Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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