I am afraid

I am afraid of having no money

I am afraid of pain

I am afraid for the people I love to not be there anymore

I am afraid of dying

I am afraid of being lied to

I am afraid of having my freedom limited

I am afraid of no one liking me

I am afraid of being alone

I am afraid of being totally controlled

I am afraid of being outcast and hated

I am afraid of not being able to speak my mind

I am afraid of aggression

I am afraid of loneliness

I am afraid of hopelessness

I am afraid of sadness

And the list goes on and on and still it can be also reduced to just a few things in there basic nature, but I will work on this now. One fear at the time, and I invite you to join me on this mission.

The world is being controlled by our fears. If we are conscious about our fears, we can make progress. So to me this seams of out most importance in these days of the fear pandemic.

We are able to create anything with our thoughts and emotions. The problem is that we are very unaware of what we’ve already created.

What is this pandemic story about? Is it a manifestation of our fears that we pretend not to have.

What will heal this? How about truth, presence, authenticity and love. Love for everything that there is, every being, every bacteria, every virus, every cell. Everything has it’s meaning, feel welcome to dive deep with me into the rabbithole đŸ™‚

Join me on this next 10 days for a journey into our fears, her on this blog and on Facebook and Instagram.


Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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