Anxiety – the root believes behind it

Anxiety is widely spread and many people feel it even if it’s just the slight feeling when waking up with a strange heaviness, instead of feeling joyful for the new day.

Well, there are reasons and thought patterns that have created this reality. If we check them out we find the doorways to relief and if we are willing to feel, we go through the door.

Anxiety come from stressful thoughts, and stressful thoughts mean, you are not feeling save. That is something fairly normal, live isn’t really a safe thing. It generally ends up with death, so why should you feel safe 😀

Just kidding, this is a question of balance and for me this balance comes from growing my trust into knowing about my divine part, my universal part, my always. I encounter this part when I listen to my heart.

Knowing that nothing can really harm you, because even death is just a transition of energy, (or as Deepak Chopra says: a creative opportunity to reinvent your self) you have a very different base towards any live experience.

But the balance is needed, because it’s not about not giving importance to anything, just cause everything is temporary and you will lose everything eventually. That would lead to no experience and no expansion. It’s important to love and be grateful. 

Sometimes we think if I only have this (job, house, partner, money….) I will feel safe, but truth is once you have what you think you needed, you will fear loosing it again. It’s not about having, it’s about knowing!

And if you do have (and we all have – just start counting your blessings) it’s OK to feel save, cause someone is with you or you owe a house or you have a job or you are healthy and have a working body. Even so you will lose any of the mentioned at some point in time. Stopping stressful thoughts doesn’t mean not giving importance (gratitude) out of fear that you will lose this, but it is the maturing process of allowing the pain of things being always in change and not lasting for ever and the joy that comes with this.

Losing things is an important experience . It will led you to gratitude and true appreciation of what is. If you find the freedom through allowing the pain.

But back to the anxiety issues, there are several things you can do to help you with the anxiety and it’s really important to get to know what can you do to make you feel better, before you get stuck into looking at the reasons.

It’s kind of the first Aid of anxiety. First check on breathing, diet, exercise etc and see what works for you. Second, start looking into your thoughts.

How do you find out what your thinking? By allowing your feeling.

When you allow your feeling it will show you what you are thinking. Writing is a fabulous exercise to get to know your thoughts better. Just write down every thought without judgement or trying to make it less drastic. Be honest and dramatic!

And than look at your thought and check it out.

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Published by Melanie

I love to create and hold safe spaces that allow us to explore the depth of our beings. I do this on the physical level at our homes in Portugal as well as in vibrational ways though being present with people during sessions online or in person. I am also an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment.

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