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for your transforming life passages

I offer one-on-one sessions to help with your emotional healing process.

We welcome you for a personal retreat time in our family home in Central Portugal.

A save space to share – listen and care for each other. A space to learn and grow together.

Participate in a systemic constellation workshop or explore this tool in an individual session.

A way to help you to relax, as well as a tool to help surfacing suppressed emotions.

Join a workshop or book a one-on-one session to discover your beliefs and learn how to change them.

Welcome, I’m Melanie and I offer to support you with transformational passages in life.

I work with presence and emotions as a guide to our inner world, so you can discover and understand what the challenges that you might be facing are here for.

My main mission is to create space and keep the space save whilst I guide as much or as little as you need to find the next step.

More about me

My work is born out of my personal healing and self development journey. I have been studying the big questions of life: “who am I, why am I here and why are things so bliming difficult sometimes” for many decades. Diving deep into religion and philosophies aswell as studying healing methods and testing them all on myself 😉

Challenged by struggles with emotions and unable to “stay in control” I had to look for ways and learning to understand the hidden dynamics of life and how to love myself…..LOVE MYSELF….really tricky….but yes, it’s essential 😉

And I came to realize that my inability to “pretend” and my longing for authenticity and truth is not really just a curse but a blessing. That my ever questioning mind is also helpful to create a life that is blissful and that I also gain great pleasure by helping others to discover their own inner guru 😉

In my retreats I include integration work, such as art, music, writing, yoga, meditations. My journey was and is involving emotional healing work, systemic constellation work, nature connection work, ceremonial work and other spiritual rituals.

I live an alternative permacultur life style on the edge of a beautiful village in Central Portugal and we also have a small stone house in the mountains further north.

Some feed back about my work

Rating: 5 out of 5.


You encouraged and gave my daughter confidence so that she could follow her own path ……people like you are absolutely necessary to heal the wounds of the soul.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


In your retreats everybody is receiving the tools to develop the own experience……we feel that it is a safe place where we can share our humanity , without being afraid to be a human. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


…for the first time in my life it was ok to talk about my struggles, fears and pains, and supported by the group. It was full of love and understanding, I needed this so much. 

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